2 Suspected Robbers Lynched After A Botched Robbery

  • Two men were on Saturday lynched by enraged residents in Siwo village in Kapsabet , Nandi county after a botched robbery.

    The two alongside two other accomplices allegedly stole gas cylinders from a local petrol station before getting away in a car, also believed to have been stolen.

    Their escape however did not go to planned as residents raised alarm. They were stopped by an angry mob that set the car on fire. Two robbers died, one survived and was arrested while the other ran off into a nearby tea plantation.

    K24 reports that residents set off in pursuit of the escaped suspect, a young woman, carrying weapons. Police arrived at the scene and recovered the gas cylinders.

    Residents have complained of the rise of insecurity in the area and are calling on the county government to deploy more officers in the area.

    Watch the video by K24 here