5 Imposters Who Hit Headlines in Kenya

  • The recent arrest of Moses Obiero, a form one dropout who for 26 years worked in senior positions in reputable companies drawing huge salaries brought memories of other imposters who have made news in Kenya.

    Kenyans.co.ke has compiled a list of people who made news and sparked discussion for their deception.

    Moses Otieno Obiero

    A few days ago, Moses Otieno Obiero, who also goes by other names including Norbert Muhoro, Hope Lubega and Robert Mwanyalo made headlines having successfully built a career in Information and Technology using forged academic papers.

    The man who dropped out in form one served in top management positions in different companies before he was arrested.

    Among the companies he served at using fake credentials include; Standard Media Group, Standard Chartered Bank, Deloitte, Red Crescent, Kenya Seed and Nzoia Sugar Company.

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    Joshua Waiganjo

    Joshua Waiganjo hit the headlines in 2013 after a botched security operation in Baragoi that left several police officers dead. For five years, the man had succeeded in presenting himself as Rift Valley Deputy Police boss.

    In his impressive career of deceit, Waiganjo rubbed shoulders with the high and mighty with none questioning him until his lies came to light.

    He is currently vying for the Njoro parliamentary seat despite having a court case regarding the matter.

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    Ronald Melly

    Until mid-2016, Ronald Melly was working at Kapsabet County Hospital and taking home a monthly salary of Sh150,000.

    His medical career came to an abrupt end after it emerged that he was not a certified medical practitioner. During his times as a fake doctor, Melly performed nine surgeries with eight of his patients recovering.

    However, his cover was blown after a caesarian delivery led to the death of a patient.

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    Peter Nyapeni

    For six months, the class seven drop out posed as a doctor and attended to patients at Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital.

    The 26-year-old alleged that he was brought in by an administrator at the facility who promised to secure him employment in exchange for money.

    After his arrest, he also confessed that his dream had always been to be a doctor but had never been to school to achieve the same.

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    "General Mathenge"

    On May 30, 2003, the state held an elaborate reception for Ethiopian farmer Ato Lema Ayanu who at the time was alleged to be the long-lost independence war hero General Stanley Mathenge.

    What surprised many and raised eyebrows was the fact that he could not utter a single word in both Kiswahili and Kikuyu.

    A son to the Mau Mau war hero stated that DNA test done by the government confirmed that Ato Lema Ayanyu was in no way related to the Mathenge family.

    Ayanu died in 2010.

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