Mutahi Ngunyi Attacks Government over Recent Demands to Pull Down His Video Clips

  • By Rodgers Omondi on Sunday, 16 July 2017 - 11:11am
    Political Analyst Prof Mutahi Ngunyi COURTESY
  • Political Analyst Prof Mutahi Ngunyi has hit out on the Government over accusations that he and his students are propagating hate speech through their Youtube Channel.

    In his weekly show The Fifth Estate, Prof Ngunyi noted that his show was not in any way propagating hate speech but just asking the hard questions that Kenyans wanted to be answered.

    The analyst noted he was biased but only towards haters of the country, propagators of violence and the crooked media that was not telling Kenyans the truth.

    "This past week some fellows from government attacked us and accused us of being biased.

    "For the avoidance of doubt, I want to categorically state that we are biased. We are unapologetically biased towards haters of the country, against those who said that Kenya is no longer viable and the crooked media," he stated.

    Prof Ngunyi further told off his critics in government stating that " if supporting President Uhuru Kenyatta which we do is wrong, we do not choose to be right, if criticising Opposition Leader Raila Odinga is wrong, we do not choose to be right and if asking hard questions on the death of Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery is wrong, we do not choose to be right either".

    On Friday, the government through ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru had asked Google to pull down a video that was uploaded on YouTube by Ngunyi on the death of Nkaiserry stating that it was creating unnecessary tension.

    In the video, Ngunyi talks about the death of Nkaissery saying he was assassinated and links his death to a series of suspicious occurrences.

    "...did Nkaissery really die or did they force him to die?

    "In my view, Nkaissery was assassinated. Some say he was probably sick and I say that the easiest target for assassination is a sick man...he was not sick, and if he was sick, the timing of his death is suspect.

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