COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli in Court Over Sh110 Million Debt Owed by Presidential Candidate Cyrus Jirongo

  • Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU) Secretary General Francis Atwoli has moved to court to have United Democratic Party (UDP) presidential candidate Cyrus Jirongo compelled to pay back a Sh110 Million debt. 

    Court papers filed by Mr Jirongo outline that Mr Atwoli gave him a friendly loan of Sh100 Million in August 2016 which he was to pay back in 50 days, with an additional Sh10 Million interest.

    The former Lugari Member of Parliament goes on to state that an addendum to the agreement provided that Atwoli would recover his money from the Nairobi City County, which allegedly owes Jirongo's company Sh225 Million.

    "Though Kuza Farms and Allied Ltd is owed Sh250 million, the said amount has not been paid and I am not to blame for the delay and default by the Nairobi City County in remitting the money," Jirongo defended.

    Mr Atwoli, however, wants the candidate's defence dismissed by the courts on grounds that it is a "sham, frivolous, misconceived and lacking in merit."

    "The court should enter judgment in my favour given Mr Jirongo has admitted the claim I have made against him," Atwoli stated in his petition.

    The trade unionist added that the money was borrowed on Jirongo's personal capacity and not on behalf of his company, which is now under receivership.

    He accused Jirongo of causing him suffering and frustration by seeking to prolong the matter in court.

    "Mr Jirongo’s clear intention in filing the sham defence is intended to deny me possession and use of my finances," Atwoli's suit stated.

    Jirongo, in his defence, urged Atwoli to instead file a suit against the Nairobi City County.

    "Mr Atwoli should commence proceedings against the Nairobi County government for the sum of Sh110 million rather than victimise me when I have equally been prejudiced by failure by the county government to honour the agreement to pay," Jirongo's defense read.

    The court adjourned with a commitment to have its ruling published as a notice.