How Kenyan Tusker Beer Was Named

  • Kenyan beer brand, Tusker, was named after the tragic death of Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) founder George Hurst.

    Mr Hurst was killed in 1923 while he was hunting elephants, long before the strict Kenyan legislations on wildlife conservation.

    A large male elephant charged at Mr Hurst while on the expedition and trampled him to death.

    East African Breweries Limited (EABL), then KBL, had brewed the first batch of the lager in 1922 and it had received a warm reception in the market.

    Charles Hurst, the founder's brother, proposed to name the new beer "Tusker" in memory of his late brother at an investors meeting in 1923.

    [caption caption="File Image of Kenyan Tusker Beer"][/caption]

    Tusker is the name given to large male elephants, which are now an endangered lot after poachers killed Satao - the biggest remaining tusker in Tsavo National Park - in 2014.

    Originally, the beer was distributed in wooden beer cases but in 1970 the company switched up to plastic.

    When a Kenyan manufacturer began producing glass bottles in 1987, the company's beer bottles begun being made locally.

    In 2008, the Tusker lager made history as it went up on the shelves of the United Kingdom (UK) supermarket chains Tesco and Salisbury's.