KRA to Deactivate Taxpayers' PINs Not in iTax System

  • The Kenyan Revenue Authority (KRA) has announced a plan to deactivate personal identification numbers (PINs) that are not in its online system.

    Through a notice to the public, the taxman stated that it would deactivate taxpayers' PINs that have not been migrated to the iTax platform in an effort to boost compliance in paying taxes.

    “As of July 2017, KRA has noted that there are taxpayers who have not migrated their PINs into iTax while other taxpayers who are already on iTax are either not filing or those in active businesses are filing nil or no returns at all.

    "In this regard, all PINs falling under these categories will be rendered inactive in the iTax platform,” the statement read.

    The notice declared that the deactivation exercise would commence on August 31.

    The move will bar non-compliant taxpayers from conducting any business until their accounts are reactivated.

    Earlier in the year, KRA had adopted a new strategy to get people to file returns by increasing the fine for those who had not been filing returns from Sh1,000 to Sh20,000.

    According to their records, nearly 2.4 million taxpayers had not filed their returns by the end of the tax filing period in June 2017.