Former US President Barack Obama Asks President Uhuru Kenyatta and NASA Leader Raila Odinga to Ensure Peace Prevails

  • Former US President Barack Obama on Monday night issued a statement on Kenya's presidential election, urging peaceful and fair elections.

    In the statement, the former President asked President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition Leader Raila Odinga to ensure unity prevails during and after the elections.

    The former US President noted that this election was a milestone for Kenya adding that “we have not inherited this land from our forebearers, we have borrowed it from our children” it should be respected. 

    “President Uhuru and Raila Odinga, you must ensure unity among Kenyans prevails regardless of the outcome. I have witnessed Kenya’s remarkable progress and I’d like to return to see you fulfill your even more remarkable potential,” Obama stated.

    Addressing Kenyans, Obama stated that the people should reject a politics of tribe and ethnicity and embrace the extraordinary potential of an inclusive democracy.

    "The choice is in your hands because you more than anyone know the needless pain and agony thousands suffered as a result of the crisis in 2007.

    "You can make clear that you will reject those that want to deal in tribal and ethnic hatred. Today, those voices- your voices- are needed more than ever,” Obama's statement read in part.

    Addressing other political leaders and security personnel, Obama mentioned that all political aspirants should reject violence and the police should be impartial and forever remain neutral.

    "I urge Kenyan leaders to reject violence and incitement; respect the will of the people; urge security forces to act professionally and neutrally, and work together no matter the outcome," he stated.

    Kenyans are expected to cast their ballots today in a heated contest pitting President Kenyatta against Mr Odinga for the Presidential seat.

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