NASA Supporter Rose Akinyi "Mama Orange" Causes Drama at the Supreme Court

  • By Writer on Friday, 18 August 2017 - 6:59pm
    i'd rather die
    Roselyne Akinyi alias Mama OrangeĀ  YouTube
  • A National Super Alliance (NASA) female supporter on Friday evening caused drama at the Supreme court as she waited for the Opposition leaders to file their presidential petition suit papers.

    The woman identified as Roselyne Akinyi alias Mama Orange wailed on the road amid oncoming traffic.

    Carrying a poster that read 'We Will not Accept and Move On', the crying woman lamented over how she was tired of carrying the pain of loss for 15 years.

    The bitter woman loudly condemned the alleged stealing of votes from ODM Party leader Raila Odinga stating that she was ready to die for her preferred president.

    She stood on the road and refused to pave way for moving vehicles saying that she would rather die.

    "Uniue! Uniue! Sababu sioni faida. Nimechoka kubeba machungu (Kill me! Kill me! I don't see any benefits. I am tired of carrying this pain)," she lamented.

    Earlier his year, Mr Odinga met with Mamma Orange after she pleaded with journalists to arrange a meeting for her.

    She later revealed that she did not get the help she expected from the NASA leader.

    She is famous for adorning oranges during the Opposition's campaigns.

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