Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso Reveals How Rivals Used Animal Blood to Deter Her Campaigns

Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso has revealed some of the dirty tricks her rivals among them outgoing governor Isaac Ruto used against her during the campaigns.

Speaking on the Jeff Koinange Live show on Wednesday, Laboso claimed that her rivals were planning to use dramatic stunts to show how her periods would interfere with her ability to serve the people of Bomet.

“I was going for a church function in Chepalungu and the plan was to get some women and some blood from the abattoir. The women were supposed to pretend to welcome me then splash the animal blood on me,” she conveyed.

This she explained was to cause her embarrassment, adding that it was elaborately done to show that a woman cannot lead the county because of her biology.

“They would go to the extent of telling people, 'what if I got my period during a conference?',” she added.

To counter the untrue and unfair statements against the women biological processes, Dr Laboso stated that she came out to openly speak about the issue.

“I asked any of them to show me who was not born through that process. We are not talking about our biology here, we are talking about leadership,” Laboso affirmed.

Nonetheless, she noted that the masterminds of the plan ended up being embarrassed as she emerged victorious to clinch the Governor Seat.

The Governor further explained that Ruto’s decision to shift to the National Super Alliance (NASA) was suicidal as Bomet was a Jubilee stronghold.

“Even he was supporting Uhuru, I would have still beaten him though it would have been harder,” she maintained.