NASA Lawyer Otiende Amollo Shows Supreme Court Judges Formula Used to Rig Elections

  • National Super Alliance (NASA) lawyer Otiende Amollo has revealed the formula that was allegedly used by President Uhuru Kenyatta's team to rig elections.

    Amollo was making a submission on Monday to the Supreme court where he made reference to an affidavit by NASA's ICT and Statistics expert Dr Nyangasi Onduwo.

    According to the affidavit, the formula used was: Y = 1.2045x + 183546, where Y represents the votes President Kenyatta would get while X is NASA leader Raila Odinga's votes.

    The formula, he said, results in a graph that defies statistics.

    [caption caption="Photo of the graph Courtesy of Citizen TV"][/caption]

    He further stated that at the time of declaration of presidential results, 10,480 Forms 34A had not been received, hence, the results announced were baseless.

    "Only 29,000 form 34As had been received by 10th August.

    "The result, therefore, was not based on form 34As nor form 34Bs," stated Amollo.

    Earlier on Monday, the Supreme Court granted NASA restricted access to select IEBC data and equipment used to conduct August 8 General Election.

    In a unanimous decision, the seven judges of the court said they had granted the petitioner orders of access because understanding how the systems work will help the court come to a fair decision.

    The orders were, however, limited to only aspects that will not compromise the commission’s electoral management systems.

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