Charles Owino and 7 Other Senior Police Officers Promoted

  • Promotions effected in the Kenya National Police Service have seen Police Spokesman Charles Owino and seven others move to new ranks.

    In a new round of promotions in the National Police Service, Owino is among seven senior officers promoted to the rank of Assistant Inspector General.

    The others who have been promoted are Peter Ndung’u who is head of Nairobi area traffic operations, Joshua Kiplimo Too, Jostine Barmao, Nelson Njiru, Julia Muthama and Gerald Mbaabu.

    The rank is only lower than Senior Assistant Inspector General, Deputy Inspector General and Inspector General, a position currently held by Joseph Boinnet.

    The Police Spokesman has been depended upon to save face for the service when reports of police-brutality and extra-judicial killings have emerged.

    Following the now-nullified declaration of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election, protests erupted in parts of the country including Mathare, Kibera and Kisumu.

    The police were accused of using excessive force to quell the riots. A stray bullet from state officers was alleged to be what killed 8-year-old girl Samantha Moraa who was playing on the balcony at the time riots erupted in Mathare.

    The Police have also been accused of brutalizing Kisumu residents under the guise of keeping peace.

    Six-month old baby Pendo’s life was also lost after she was taken to a Kisumu hospital in critical condition. Her parents say she was clobbered by police officers who stormed their home among others in the area.

    Such incidences led Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o to recently unveil a campaign dubbed Luo Lives Matter, aiming to sensitize both the public and law enforcement officers. The goal is to fix the adversarial relationship to avoid unnecessary loss of lives and property.

    Owino became a common face on television panels denying the role of the Police in any extrajudicial killings.

    Following the announcement of October 17th as the date for the fresh presidential election, the police conduct will be in focus given the outcry that their activities resulted in last month.