10 Things Raila Should Do to Defeat President Uhuru Kenyatta - Lawyer Nelson Havi Explains

  • Nairobi Lawyer Nelson Havi has revealed 10 things Opposition Leader Raila Odinga should do in order to defeat President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    According to the advocate, Mr Odinga needs to change his strategy totally to enable him win the Presidential elections.

    Mr Havi has identified 10 strategies the former Prime Minister needs to implement before the October 17 elections.

    1. Purge and expand the NASA secretariat and strategy teams beyond ethnic bases and the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party.

    2. Tap on professionals in all the National Super Alliance (NASA) affiliate parties and outside. 

    3. Recruit volunteer soldiers as they deliver better than paid ones.

    4. Pick the voter registers, adopt "nyumba kumi” approach and reach out to voters in your strongholds. Woe them, door to door.

    5. A parallel tallying centre must be publicly unveiled. It must be guarded day and night by supporters.

    6. Credible agents in all polling stations and constituency tallying centres must be recruited, trained and equipped.

    7. Equipment capable of monitoring agents from compromise should be linked to the tallying.

    8. Transmit and publicize results real time, after counting.

    9. Put in place an alternative audio visual media platform to capture and televise events in all polling stations and constituency tallying centres. In August, media houses covered all 290 constituencies but none reported the declaration of results from the ground.

    According to the lawyer, the failure to televise the declarations blinded Kenyans and as such, no one could actually tell what went wrong.

    10. Information must be released to the public fast, even if television stations won’t do it. Go win this time. Let us know that you have won, way before IEBC declares so, or does otherwise again.

    Mr Havi believes that if NASA implements these strategies they could defeat President Kenyatta's team.