Detectives Reveal Moi Girls Fire was Planned on WhatsApp Group

  • Preliminary investigations into the Moi Girls fire that led to the death of nine students has revealed that the arson was planned on a WhatsApp group.

    According to a report on the probe, the inferno was planned during the August holiday by a group of five students from the institution.

    The group was extracted from the phone of the 14-year-old girl who is the main suspect in the ongoing investigations.

    The suspect is said to have made it clear to the other members that she intended to raze down the dormitory mainly because of her hatred for the institution.

    A thread of messages from the five participants shows the main suspect as having been the most vocal regarding the plan, which she said she wanted to execute after failing to be transferred from the school.

    “I will burn the school because my parents refused to take me to (names preferred schools). I want to do something that will shock them,” one of the messages was quoted by Capital FM News.

    The probe further revealed that the initial plan was to torch the dormitory on August 31 but it was aborted because “there were a lot of movements that night.”

    The suspected arsonists, therefore, resolved to move the evil scheme to September 2 when the fire razed down the dormitory leading to the nine deaths and injuries of many others.

    Detectives leading the probe further disclosed that the fire at Kabarnet dormitory started at four different places with Kenya Power confirming it was not the result of an electric fault.

    It has also been unearthed that the deadly inferno quickly spread around the room due to the use of a sanitizer, a cleaning detergent and perfumes.