NASA Sets 7 Conditions for Raila Odinga to Participate in October Election

  • By Rodgers Omondi on Wednesday, 13 September 2017 - 7:17am @rodgeomondi
    NASA Leaders addressing the media outside IEBC offices on Tuesday TWITTER
  • The National Super Alliance (NASA) has issued seven conditions that must be met by the IEBC for their presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, to participate in the October election. 

    Opposition Leader Raila Odinga on Tuesday noted that they had issued the commission with seven changes they want made in the electoral system and general operations, failure to which NASA will boycott the upcoming election.

    “We have given them conditions, if those conditions are not met there will be no elections on October 17,” Raila stated.

    Here are the demands:

    1. Forms 34B

    NASA wants all the forms to be pre-printed indicating names of polling stations and candidates.

    They also demand that the Returning Officers should physically fill the forms and make a formal declaration at the tallying centres.

    2. Printing of Ballot Papers and Forms

    The Opposition wants a new company to be awarded the tender since Al Ghurair printed non-standardized forms.

    3. Election Monitors

    The coalition wants IEBC to introduce election monitors from multi-sectoral groups who will have a role in the signing of result declaration forms.

    4. Returning Officers

    NASA wants new Returning officers appointed in all the 291 constituencies with the current team being retained as Election Managers at the Constituencies.

    5. Result Transmission

    The Opposition team demands that no text message should be used in transmitting results and that all scanned images should be transmitted through the electronic kits.

    They also want IEBC to announce the total number of persons who voted before the official counting of votes begin. 

    6. Candidates Agents and Tallying Centres

    They want all their agents to be present during all election processes. 

    7. ICT Infrastructure

    NASA wants the Commission to engage Independent International experts to manage the ICT framework.

    Other than the above conditions, the Odinga-led team also wants IEBC Ceo Ezra Chiloba and a number of commissioners fired before they participate in the election.

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