Raphael Tuju Reveals What Supreme Court Judges Should Have Done During Presidential Petition

  • The Jubilee Party has explained what the Supreme Court judges should have done during the presidential petition whose ruling nullified President Uhuru Kenyatta's win in the August elections. 

    Speaking at Jubilee offices on Saturday, Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju noted that if there was any doubt about the legitimacy of the forms or the actual constituency results, the judges should have summoned all the 290 IEBC Returning Officers to Nairobi.

    Tuju stated that instead of annulling the presidential election over questionable forms, the judges would have invited the grassroot officials to verify whether the forms before the court were the ones submitted from the constituencies.

    "They were within a maximum reach of two hours flight to Nairobi whether they are coming from Mandera, Busia or Lamu," he noted.

    Mr Tuju also faulted the judges for demanding access to IEBC servers yet they could have physically ordered the opening of the ballot boxes and a tally of votes to ascertain Mr Kenyatta's win.

    He also pointed out that the Maraga team made errors during the Supreme Court proceedings and should be ready to be criticised noting that they are not "God".

    "The judges' decision to do this should not have been pushed by the petitioner or the defence, it is what you expect them to do naturally," he stated.

    He went ahead to defend the IEBC from the accusations that it denied opening the servers noting that the judges failed to understand the situation.

    "The IEBC could not open those servers, they did not have the keys, it's only the company that provided the technology which has the relevant instruments to make the servers available," he indicated.

    He also expressed disinterest in holding a joint meeting with the National Super Alliance (NASA) and the electoral commission stating that the Raila Odinga-led team will never be satisfied with any decision reached.