7 Kenyans killed in Deadly Attacks

  • Seven people were killed on Saturday following an upsurge of tribal clashes in Narok County.

    Confirming the tragic incident, Deputy County Commissioner Mohammed Noor stated that the Maasai and Kipsigis communities clashed in Transmara West Sub County.

    He explained that one of the victims was a Maasi businessman named Ben Kolian who was ambushed and killed on Saturday night on his way home in Esoit.

    "Mr Kolian was ambushed as he drove home in his taxi by unknown people," he said, adding that police officers are hunting down the killers.

    Mr Noor added that the killing prompted a revenge attack that led to the death of a 20-year-old Kipsigis man named Nicolas Ngetich

    The Deputy County Commissioner disclosed that Mr Ngetich was hacked to death with a machete as his mutilated body was found at Pusanki trading center.

    On Sunday morning, Police discovered five more bodies dumped in a bush in Esoit.

    Esoit Naibor Chief Samuel Naiduya stated that war cries were heard on the night of the attacks after a five-month 'truce'.

    "The area is clash-prone and there has been a relative spell of peace since the last round of fighting in April this year," the chief explained.