Former Presidential Candidate to be Given Sh945 Million

Former Cabinet Minister and presidential candidate Kenneth Matiba will now be given Sh945 Million by the government.

Matiba, who unsuccessfully vied for the Presidency against former President Daniel Moi, was awarded the money as compensation for detention and torture in 1990.

Initially, reports indicated that he had been awarded Sh504 Million as settlement for a case against the Government of Kenya.

However, it emerged that there was an error in the calculation and the former popular Minister should be given Sh945 Milion.

In the case, Matiba was able to prove that he suffered a debilitating stroke that confined him to a wheelchair as a result of the detention.

Matiba had initially sought Sh12 Billion as compensation claiming that he incurred a Sh9.1 Million cost in managing his condition.

The former detainee went to court in 2015 arguing that he suffered a serious stroke on May 26, 1991, but remained in detention without medication for one week.

According to the testimony submitted to the High Court, Matiba was released from detention on June 4, 1991, two days after a head scan confirmed there was bleeding in his brain.

Expert testimony by Cardiologist Dr Dan Gikonyo revealed that the delay in treatment resulted in permanent disability that confined Matiba to a wheelchair.

"He was flown to England where he was attended by several Neurosurgeons, and despite all their efforts, he (Matiba) suffered grievous damage to the left side of his brain," Dr Gikonyo told the then High Court judge, Justice Isaac Lenaola.

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