Ngong Road to be closed for 1 week

  • The Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) has announced that part of Ngong Road will be closed for a week from Thursday 5th October until Friday 13th October 2017.

    In a letter addressed to the public, KURA stated that the section between the 4th and 5th Ngong Avenue up to the Kenya National Library Headquarters (opposite Nairobi Club) would be closed for over a week.

    The closure of the road is due to the on-going construction works along the major road.

    "Motorists are urged to use alternative routes to access 4th and 5th Ngong Avenues," part of the letter read.

    All users of the road have been urged to cooperate with the construction workers during the period to avoid disruption of the work.

    [caption caption="A section of Ngong Road"][/caption]

    The Ngong road expansion project is funded through a grant by the Japanese government and is being supervised by Tokyo-based Katahira and Engineers International.

    According to KURA, the agency overseeing the construction, the dualling of Ngong road, will provide a median to be developed later for Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) 

    It will also include installation of street lights, intelligent Traffic signals and walkways for pedestrians." the Authority stated in a past briefing. 

    The construction which was expected to complete in July was delayed by five months owing to challenges of shifting water and power lines.

    [caption caption="Construction works in Ngong road"][/caption]