BBC Reveals Why Raila Withdrew From Presidential Race

  • BBC News has revealed why National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga decided to withdraw from the repeat presidential election.

    The British news website on Tuesday stated that the move by the Opposition leader was all part of a strategy to secure his legacy as Kenya's political reformer.

    "The withdrawal could be a strategy for Raila Odinga to exit the political scene on his own terms while the annulment of President Uhuru Kenyatta's victory in the 8 August election was a much-needed political high for Mr Odinga," the author of the article Dickens Olewe opined in his piece titled Kenya's Raila Odinga quits election re-run.

    Mr Olewe stated that Odinga felt vindicated for challenging the election and pushed for changes to the electoral system as a condition for his participation in the re-run.

    "With President Kenyatta's party having won a majority of MPs in both houses of parliament, it is likely that Mr Odinga was headed for another defeat and that would be too much for a man, who has been nicknamed the enigma," he stated.

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    The author noted that the legal repercussions of Mr Odinga's withdrawal were still uncertain.

    "Constitutional lawyers disagree on the way forward and whether the October 26 election can still take place and if, despite his withdrawal, Mr Odinga will still be on the ballot," he conveyed.

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    Following the announcement, Siaya Senator James Orengo declared that massive demonstrations under the 'No Reforms No Elections' banner would kick off in earnest on Wednesday.

    He declared: "NASA Parliamentary Group will meet the people of Kenya at Uhuru Park at 9 am tomorrow to speak on our resolutions."

    He further gave the itinerary for the demonstrations stating that the protests would begin at Uhuru Park after which they would head to Haile Sellasie Avenue, then Moi Avenue, down to Kenyatta Avenue back to Uhuru Park before finally heading to IEBC offices at Anniversary Towers.

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    On Tuesday evening, IEBC acknowledged receiving the letter by the NASA leaders seeking to withdraw their candidature in the fresh presidential election slated for October 26, 2017.

    "We are reviewing the said letter with support from Legal Counsels and will advice on the way forward in due course," the commission stated.

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