Jaguar Apologises to Babu Owino

  • Starehe Member of Parliament Charles Kanyi aka Jaguar has apologised to his Embakasi East counterpart¬†Babu Owino after their scuffle at Parliament buildings on Tuesday.

    Addressing the press on Wednesday, Jaguar stated that what happened was unfortunate and reached out to Babu for forgiveness.

    "What happened yesterday is unfortunate, I ask Babu Owino to forgive me but if he continues to disrespect President Uhuru Kenyatta I'll deal with him," he stated.

    [caption caption="Jaguar During the Press Conference"][/caption]

    The two legislators traded blows on Tuesday just after the afternoon session started and had to be separated by parliament staff.

    It is alleged that Mr Owino walked into the media center where journalists were following the parliamentary discussion on the amendment of electoral laws and moments later Jaguar walked in looking for Babu.

    A scuffle ensued and the two politicians exchanged blows before they were separated by parliamentary orderlies.

    "We will teach you a lesson Babu, you must respect the President," said the Starehe MP.

    An angry Mr Owino responded asking "which president? The only president I know is Raila Odinga."

    They were whisked away by the parliamentary orderlies and had to be separated on their way out.

    [caption caption="Jaguar and Babu Fighting"][/caption]

    The two MPs will appear before the Powers and Privileges Committee, where they risk being suspended from attending House sittings for some time.