10 Things Raila Announced In London

  • National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga delivered his much anticipated public lecture at the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) in London on Friday evening.

    He speech encompassed various issues surrounding the botched August 8th election and his withdrawal from the upcoming October 26th poll.

    He told the audience that Western partners were no longer interested in supporting pro-democracy movements in Africa, and were instead putting their business interests first.

    He emphasized the need for the repeat election to be credible, reminding the audience that Chief Justice David Maraga in his nullification ruling stated that he would not hesitate to annul the repeat poll if it was not conducted in accordance with the law.

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    The former Premier disparaged the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission for failing to undertake reforms that would guarantee a credible election. He noted that the commission had only taken 'inconsequential measures' ahead of the repeat election.

    Mr Odinga maintained that the outcome of the fresh election would not reflect the will of the people.

    He declared that after three rigged elections in a row, democracy and the rule of law in Kenya were seriously threatened.

    The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader also noted that no one had disputed NASA's 'Irreducible Minimums' for the repeat poll. Odinga stated that for Jubilee, any election would do, but NASA would not settle for anything less than a credible election.

    He as well accused the Jubilee Party leadership of being determined to cling onto power by all means.

    He cited the murder of Chris Msando, whom he alleged had been tortured and killed so that some individuals could access the electoral body's Results Transmission System.

    Odinga also spoke out against the electoral laws passed by Jubilee lawmakers, and stated that President Uhuru Kenyatta was determined to assent to them to avoid credible elections.

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    Finally, he urged Kenya's partners to protect Kenya's democracy, which he hailed as the driving force behind Kenya's prominent standing in the region and the continent.

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