Governor Asks Mombasa Residents to Reject Raila

  • Murang'a Governor Mwangi Wa Iria has called on Mombasa residents to reject National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga ahead of October 26th election.

    Campaigning alongside former Senator Hassan Omar, Wa Iria stated that the former Prime Minister's style of politics was detrimental to the county's economy.

    He urged them to support Jubilee, reiterating that they valued Mombasa's position as a top regional hub.

    He further stated that milk, coffee and tea from his county was transported through Mombasa's port, therefore, it was in their best interests to work together.

    [caption caption="Former Senator Hassan Omar with Governor Wa Iria"][/caption]

    “We, the Kikuyu are your best friends because we are business people,” Wa Iria stated.

    He went on to add: “There is no Mombasa without upcountry, and there is no upcountry without Mombasa.”

    “You don’t know the gem that you are holding,” he stated.

    He further accused the Opposition boss of profiling Kenyans stating: "What Raila is doing is profiling Kenya. We are your best friends.

    [caption caption="Governor Wa Iria in Mombasa"][/caption]

    “The greatest enemy is one who tries to divide you and your business partner. There is no way someone can be allowed to incite you against your business partner," he added.