Lawyer Ordered to Write Apology Letter After Phone Rings in Court

  • A Nairobi lawyer was on Tuesday thrown in police cells and ordered to write an apology letter after his phone rang during a court proceeding.

    Justice Fred Ochieng’ sent the advocate to the cells for two hours after the disturbance.

    The drama unfolded when the High Court Judge was hearing a Starehe parliamentary petition filed by Steve Mbogo, challenging the election of Charles 'Jaguar' Njagua as MP for Starehe.

    The court orderly confiscated the lawyer's phone and led him to the police cells.

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    Efforts to try and apologize to the Judge who is known for his strict adherence to court rules and regulations were futile.

    Before ordering the release of the lawyer, Justice Ochieng' directed that he write an apology letter.

    According to Citizen, the unfortunate lawyer was not even party to the hearings he interrupted.

    He had concluded his business in another court when he walked into the petition hearing.

    On Monday, serious anomalies were identified by a researcher during the hearing of the case filed by Mbogo challenging the election of Jaguar in the August 8th election.

    The researcher, Mr Nyangasi Oduor, told the court that he had found serious anomalies in 160 out of 182 forms 35A.

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    Mr Oduor stated that a large number of the forms did not bear the official Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) stamp.

    The court was also told how many forms lacked the signatures of the Presiding Officer and the Deputy Presiding Officer.

    Furthermore, Oduor alleged that ballot boxes had been stuffed.

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