Kalonzo's Team Reveals Jubilee's Plan to Assassinate NASA Leader

Kalonzo Musyoka-led Wiper Party has accused the Jubilee administration of plotting to kill Kathiani MP Robert Mbui.

In a statement on Saturday, Wiper Executive Director Jared Siso claimed that Mbui was attacked because of his steadfastness in supporting NASA.

Siso noted that the attack and any other intimidation by the government would not deter the opposition from freeing Kenya from the shackles of despotism and dictatorship.

"The violence which led to deaths of more than five Kenyans, occasioned severe injuries on others and led to wanton destruction of property, could have been avoided had the regime cared to follow the law as well as the dictates of the Constitution," Siso stated.

[caption caption="Kathiani MP Robert Mbui receiving help after injuring his leg "][/caption]

"Only a quick intervention by well-meaning Kenyans saved Mbui's life. He is currently admitted to the Nairobi Hospital, where he has just undergone a successful surgery on his broken leg,” he added.

Mr Mbui was admitted to the Nairobi Hospital with a broken leg following the chaos that rocked NASA leader Raila Odinga's return to Kenya.

The MP is said to have suffered the injury as he joined other leaders as well as NASA supporters in marching into the city center as they received Mr Odinga after his trip to the United States.

Initial reports indicate that the NASA Chief whip fell into a ditch while fleeing from police after his vehicle was smashed. His bodyguard is also reported to have been injured in the incident.

A police statement released on Friday also indicates that five people were killed by stoning during the procession. 

[caption caption="Police water cannon amid teargas cloud during NASA's procession on Friday"][/caption]


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