Uhuru Finally Reacts to Raila's Chaotic Return

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta on Saturday warned that he will not allow a few individuals who are out to satisfy their selfish political ambition to destroy Kenya.

    Speaking during the funeral service of late Nyeri Governor Wahome Gakuru, at Kagumo High School, President Kenyatta stated that the country was governed by the Constitution and the rule of law that every Kenyan must abide by irrespective of their station in society.

    “We cannot allow a few people to destroy the country. We have a Constitution and we are a nation that is governed by laws. We must all abide by them,

    “We demand that we must continue to be a nation that is guided by the Constitution and that lives within the rule of law.

    “We want to be people who abide by the law. As President, I followed the law even when I felt I had been wronged. Others must also abide by the law and the Constitution,” President Kenyatta explained.

    [caption caption="President Uhuru Kenyatta addressing mourners in Nyeri on Saturday"][/caption]

     Deputy President William Ruto on his part castigated the opposition stating that they will not succeed in their political agenda "to grab power through violence, chaos, and divisive politics".

    “Those who think they can use intimidation, chaos and violence to further their political agenda will not succeed. They will actually fail and fail miserably.

    “We will not, we will never succumb to intimidation, violence or blackmail," he stated.

    The DP pointed out that leadership through violence, division and hatred cannot make anyone achieve anything of importance, adding that what can give one opportunity to ascend to power is embracing progressive policies, and walking together with the people of Kenya.

    “Kenya is a country that belongs to God. We believe in the Constitution of our country. The whims of any person or any group of people will not change the dictates of the Constitution of Kenya. Kenya will never be a country of chaos,” the DPP noted.

    President Kenyatta and his deputy affirmed that the Government will be firm in enforcing the law to ensure the lives of Kenyans and their property are safeguarded.

    [caption caption="President Kenyatta, DP Ruto and other leaders at the late Governor Gakuru's funeral"][/caption]

    They made the remarks following Opposition Leader Raila Odinga's return on Friday that was marred by chaos where 5 people are alleged to have been killed.