How Raila's Security in the USA Was Beefed Up

  • During NASA leader Raila Odinga's ten-day stay in the USA, a lot of efforts were put to enhance his security amid fears that his life was in danger during his short stay abroad.

    Security operations were launched immediately allegations emerged that three Kenyan government agents had been sent to spy on Mr Odinga.

    His supporters, especially those organizing meetings in Maryland and Jersey City held an emergency meeting on how to control the crowds surging forward to greet him during the various public sessions.

    It was suggested that they either call off the meetings or hire a credible security firm to watch the three events.

    "The suggestion that we call off the meetings was quickly discarded because, Raila himself would not hear of such a thing," Abel Oriri, a NASA supporter from Ohio stated.

    Luckily, among the supporters present at the meeting were state troopers (Police officers) who took the time to arrange for private security.

    [caption caption="Raila Odinga meeting some of his supporters"][/caption]

    "That is why you saw people form a diamond ring around Raila at the Hilton when the crowd surged forward and almost caused chaos during the meeting in DC.

    "Way before people started coming into the venue, the guys had swept the place looking for things such as explosives," a Kenyan resident in Maryland noted.

    At a public gathering in New Jersey, security was so tight, every person entering the venue was subjected to a search.

    At the venues, Raila used back entrances, catching all those who wanted to pose for pictures with him by surprise.

    [caption caption="Raila Odinga giving his speech at CSIS"][/caption]

    As soon as he stepped onto the podium to give the speech in Washington, a small pick up truck pulled into the parking lot.

    In the pickup, were several posters, placards, and fliers titled  'We Love You, Baba,' 'Welcome to the USA Baba,' 'Give us Directions' and 'Resist'.

    This move was meant to counter the alleged plan by the Jubilee Party supporters in the US under the direction of Kenyan embassy to protest at the venue.