Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho's Urgent Appeal to All Governors

  • Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has asked the Council of Governors to develop benchmarks for valuing goods and services supplied to counties to avoid overpricing.

    Governor Joho decried what he termed as inflation of prices by the suppliers whom he accused of being out to make profits at the expense of the county governments.

    Mr Joho revealed that an insecticide can supplied to the county was inflated from Sh200 to Sh3,000, while a hand washing detergent was priced at Sh2,500.

    “I will engage the other governors so that we can scrutinise the procurement process. We need to understand what happens in the procurement process. I saw a voucher for payment to the suppliers and I was astonished. Nobody will be paid,” Mr Joho stated.

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    He further questioned: “The same suppliers who complain that they are not being paid are quoting exorbitant prices. You think we are that stupid that we can’t notice when you overprice?”

    Governor Joho stated that the counties were struggling to build roads and hospitals and lacked the funds to do so.

    Moreover, some suppliers revealed to Daily Nation that they will meet the county officials on Monday to iron out some issues in the payment of goods supplied in the county.

    Suppliers in Mombasa stated that they were suffering since the county owes them more than Sh9 Million for goods supplied 10 months ago.

    They demanded that the Governor should pay the suppliers and blame his office for sleeping on the job.

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    The traders further revealed that before they supplied goods, there were several officers who went through the Local Purchase Order which was signed by the chief officers in the user department, procurement and finance.