10 Bodies Dumped After City Chaos

  • Emerging reports have indicated that at least 10 bodies were dumped at City Mortuary over the weekend after chaos rocked Nairobi.

    It is believed that they were either hacked to death or shot dead mainly around Landhies Road when National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga came back from an overseas trip.

    According to the Star, of the 10 bodies found, six had deep cuts while three had bullet wounds.

    [caption caption="Supporters of NASA Leader Raila Odinga"][/caption]

    Over the weekend, Odinga claimed that 15 people were killed by the police and termed the occurrence as 'merciless'.

    He stated that the bodies were taken to various morgues, including City Mortuary and Chiromo, and were all registered as unknown individuals, who died as a result of “mob justice”.

    Earlier reports indicated that at least five people were killed on Friday as Kenyan police tried to disperse supporters accompanying Odinga from the airport to Nairobi.

    Police fired tear gas at the convoy in which the Opposition leader was traveling and used water cannons as they tried to stop it from reaching the capital’s main business district.

    Some protesters threw stones at the police and two vehicles, including a police truck, were set on fire.

    A Reuters photographer claims to have seen two bodies with gunshot wounds as police and protesters fought on one of the main roads leading to the central business district.

    Nairobi Police boss Japheth Koome revealed that the five were stoned to death by angry mobs after they were caught stealing.

    He denied the use of excessive force claiming: “These incidences occurred before the police arrived at the various scenes.”

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