High Court Stops Formation of People's Assembly

  • The National Super Alliance (NASA) coalition suffered a blow on Monday after a High Court in Kitui issued an injunction stopping the constituting of any of 47 people's assemblies.

    The order further prohibited the assemblies from holding any sittings.

    During an interview on KTNNews, NASA Head of Secretariat Norman Magaya dismissed the ruling as a 'hopeless order'.

    "That is a hopeless order, there is no place in law for 47 assemblies, the order is defective, it is not capable of being enforced, it cannot be served on anyone. If anything, the order has been overtaken by events because the assemblies are already underway," he explained.

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    On Monday, Kilifi County assembly passed the NASA sponsored motion for the creation of people’s assembly becoming the 9th devolved House to do so.

    Mr Magaya added that there would be no peace for the government as long as there was no electoral justice.

    "Jubilee will go on with what they believe is right as we (NASA) go on with what we believe is right. We are not losing momentum. We are enjoying the best momentum we have ever had at the moment.

    "This election is not over until is over. Jubilee will taste what we have been saying in the next seven days. Our resolve is so firm, I don't see how Jubilee will survive this," he conveyed.

    The NASA leader stated that swearing in Raila Odinga as the president was one of the options that the opposition would consider as it forges a way forward.

    "The Constitution doesn't confine citizens to one avenue of dealing with issues arising from elections. We have a range of options in our hands. Swearing in Raila Odinga is one of our options on the table. It has been considered robustly," he stated.

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