Kenya Airways Brings Back Good Old Memories

If you are a 90’s child, then you remember the Safari Rally with nostalgia. When the whole family would hurdle up together in front of a black-and-white TV and cheer on as drivers ran against the clock, one car at a time with roaring engines and in utter bravado.

We were specifically awed by the legendary Patrick Njiru who added the sparks to the whole craze and made Subaru what it is today.

He became one of Africa’s foremost sportsmen with a multi-racial appeal and we all wanted to be him. At one point, he attracted sponsorship worth 8.4 million from one of the leading corporates.

Unfortunately, the rally started to fade, partly due to mismanagement and lack of sponsorship - finally coming to a halt in 2003.

All the glory was gone and that’s when Patrick Njiru chose to retire at the helm of his career.

[caption caption="File image of a rally vehicle participating in the KQ East African Safari rally classic"][/caption]

In 2011, however, he came back from retirement to participate in the Kenya Airways Safari Rally.

The rally has been dubbed ‘the most exacting test for man and machine yet devised in the world of rallying’ by Motoring News and sees passionate participants ship in their classic automobiles from across the globe through the Indian Ocean.

It also seeks to give the participants an adventure across East Africa and at the same time offers spectators a perfect opportunity to travel across the region - cheering their favourite rally drivers.

2017 is no different and this year, Kenya Airways promises to make it bigger and better. Besides the champagne, of course, and the adrenaline kicks that come with the rally, they have also introduced a set of packages to make sure you are comfortable during the whole event.

[caption caption="Rally driver Ian Duncan and his co-driver celebrating after winning the 2013 East African Safari rally classic"][/caption]

KQ will be there with you from event shake-off at Vipingo on November 22, flag-off on the 23rd at Sarova Whitesands and every step of the way until the finish line on December 1.

[caption caption="File image of a Kenya Airways Safari Classic being flagged off"][/caption]

With as low as Sh 33,000 per person, you can enjoy the event for a whole three days and take a breather from the hustle-and-bustle of the city while ushering the most-awaited month, December.

For an extra Kshs. 19,000, you can enjoy the same package with Kenya Airways flights. Truly, the Safari Rally has never been this exciting!