CS Amina Receives Justice From Daily Nation For Photo

  • Foreign Affairs CS Amina Mohamed has received justice from the Daily Nation after they apologized for using her photo in an article that she claimed damaged her reputation.

    Through their social media account on Tuesday, the newspaper admitted that it had made an error for using her photo in a Monday publication titled "KICC Chief Executive on the spot over Sh1.4 Billion tenders."

    " In yesterday's Business Daily, we used the picture of Foreign Affairs CS Amina Mohammed to illustrate the story about payments made my KICC to fictitious firms. Ms Mohammed was not involved in the deals. We regret the error and apologize for using her photo," Daily Nation tweeted on Tuesday.

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    On Monday, the Cabinet Secretary, through her lawyer Donald Kipkorir, issued two demands to Nation Media Group following the publication of the story she deemed defamatory.

    In the demand letter seen by Kenyans.co.ke, CS Amina faulted the media house that published articles in the Business Daily and Daily Nation linking her to questionable tenders given by KICC.

    "That on page 1 and 6 of your publication "Business Daily" of 04.12.17 and of your publication "Daily Nation" of even date on page 30, you have ran a similar story with banner headline "KICC gave Sh1.4 Billion tenders to fake firms" and "KICC Chief Executive on the spot over Sh1.4 Billion tenders" respectively.

    "That in both stories, the name of the alleged CEO is not mentioned, but our client's picture is published with the words "Queries" That the use of our client's photograph in the story was in their natural and ordinary meaning, meant and was understood to mean that our client was the CEO mentioned," the letter read in part.

    The lawyer explained that the publication had injured the CS's reputation and caused injury to her credentials as a public servant.

    According to the lawyer, the publication implied that CS Amina was corrupt, didn't understand the role of Cabinet Secretary, was guilty of unjust enrichment and fraudulent transactions, involved in the alleged fraudulent and fake tenders.

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    Earlier in October, CS Amina was named in a new Team of External Advisors formed by the President of the General Assembly of the United Nations, H.E. Mr. Miroslav Lajčák,

    Their role will be to advise him on how best to advance his priorities for the General Assembly’s 72nd session.