Kenyan Police to be Sued at AU's Rights Commission Over Brutality

  • Mombasa Human Rights group, Haki Africa, on Monday stated that it would sue the Kenyan police at the Gambia-based African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights over excessive use of force.

    The group noted that it is documenting the cases to ensure justice is served those who were injured and those who died as a result of alleged police brutality.

    One of the officials from the organisation, Mr Francis Auma, explained that it was sad that the police were using excessive force and no action was being taken against them.

    [caption caption="Police officers at a past operation"][/caption]

    "We are going to present the case in Banjul, Gambia. We are telling police bosses that their days are numbered. This is our country and we want peace.

    "Kenya will be going for a review in Geneva and they will present those cases too. This will in future discourage police from misusing power.

    [caption caption="File image of police teargassing demonstrators in Nairobi"][/caption]

    "It might take time but we are not cowards and those participants must face the rule of law," Auma was quoted by the Star.

    Mr Auma specifically cited November 28, 2017, when the Opposition was scheduled to hold a memorial service but police disrupted the event.

    He noted that it was the right of the people to hold demonstrations adding that police should victimize citizens when they are exercising their rights.

    "During the electioneering period, police killed people in Nyanza and Nairobi yet nothing has been done. The Constitution allows any political party to hold rallies or demonstrations provided police are notified," he explained.

    He called on the government to take action and bring an end to police brutality in the country.