MP Launches Plan to Create Special Protesting Zones

  • Ruiru Member of Parliament (MP) Simon Ng'ang'a on Tuesday tabled a motion that will compel the government to create special zones where Kenyans could hold protests.

    He tabled the motion before the National Assembly through the private members motion.

    The Ruiru legislator indicated that this plan will promote the enjoyment of the right of assembly and right to expression as stipulated in the Constitution.

    "This House resolves that this government should designate specific areas and streets for picketing and demonstrations,” he noted.

    According to the MP, this new plan will also control the loss of life experienced during the clash between police and protesters during the demos.

    [caption caption="Ruiru MP Simon Ng'ang'a"][/caption]

    "This will curb the destruction of public property as was witnessed during recent demonstrations," he indicated.

    He expressed his concern over the protests held during the electioneering period which resulted to loss of lives, property and public disorder.

    He argued that these chaos resulted as a result of disorderly organisation which subsequently created unfavourable environment for businesses.

    Under article 37 of the Constitution, every person has the right to peacefully assemble to demonstrate, picket and present petitions to the public authorities.

    It also stipulates that there is need to guarantee the enjoyment of rights and fundamental freedoms by any individual and should not prejudice the rights and fundamental freedoms of another.

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