Mysterious Santa Spotted in The Country Over The Weekend

  • It’s Christmas time and you are at home watching your favorite Christmas movie - carols everywhere.

    It features lots of giving and spreading of good cheer and you can’t help but wonder the last time you got a gift - from your colleague, siblings and even spouse to whom you’ve dedicated your whole life to gifting.

    Well, this year might be a little different so come on with me as I narrate more.

    A new Santa riding in his one-open-sleigh and his famous red-and-white colors has been spotted in town and might just be looking for you.

    Last Friday, he made his intentions known. He made stopovers at various joints in Nairobi, Mombasa and even Narok buying people Nyama choma and drinks. He was specifically spotted at K1 in Westlands entertaining quite a number of patrons.

    And that was just the beginning. On Sunday, he was busy dishing out brunch and interacting with families who were out relaxing. He reminded them the true essence of togetherness.  

    And you never really know what he has in store. Rumour has it that he might just fuel your car if he bumps into you at select petrol stations across the country.

    Also pray he finds you at one of the stores buying a phone - he might just pay for you as he’s on a roll with his immense acts of kindness.

    If you lighten his mood just enough, don’t be surprised if he slaps you with a pair of plane tickets to Mombasa, Zanzibar and many other exotic destinations.

    They are calling him Safaricom in the streets and he can be found everywhere in this country.

    Why? Because he’s generous. Plus isn’t that what the spirit of Twaweza is all about?

    Be on the lookout!