Githu Muigai Ridicules NASA Senators, Terms Them Ignorant

  • Attorney General Githu Muigai on Monday hit out at Senator politicians whom he termed as ignorant on issues around "high treason".

    Speaking during the launch of National Action Plan on Legal Aid in Nairobi, the AG stated that the politicians from the Opposition, who claimed that NASA leader Raila Odinga could not be charged with treason if he declared himself President, were misinforming the public.

    "We must stop these reckless individuals from misinforming the public. We have the law which is clear. These people are mischievous and misinformed. I would have thought that treason was basic knowledge. Senator politicians can not shut up on issues they have no idea about," he conveyed.

    AG Muigai advised young law students to take lead on debates in the country to prevent the old guards from misleading the public when interpreting the Constitution.

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    "Lawyer politicians mislead the country. Young people must call out these 'legal dinosaurs' and help the public appreciate what is really the law. As a group of public intellectuals, they comment on every issue. And the louder they are, the more ignorant they become. We owe the public a duty of care.

    "Great debates are taking place and will shape the future of you and your future. Do not allow this debate to be arrested with a group of ignorant individuals," he conveyed.

    Additionally, the AG lashed out at political commentators on newspapers who challenged his responsibility as the government adviser on legal matters.

    "Fellows writing opinion pages are saying AG should not comment on the law. the AG is the chief legal adviser and the defender of the rule of law," he stated.

    Earlier on Sunday, Siaya Senator James Orengo maintained that President Uhuru Kenyatta and everyone in the government should be charged with treason because they 'stole their way into State House'.

    Speaking during a consultative forum on the People's Assembly at Sun N Sand Beach Hotel in Kikambala, Kilifi county, the ODM Senator reiterated his resolve that Mr Kenyatta was not the rightful President of Kenya.

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    "He only got less than 25 percent of the votes cast on October 26. This means he does not meet the threshold to be Kenya's President.

    "It is those in government now that should be charged with treason because they stole their way into State House," he conveyed.