Raila Announces When He Will Be Sworn In

  • Opposition Leader Raila Odinga on Sunday announced that he will be sworn in as the 'People's President' in  January.

    In a statement seen by Kenyans.co.ke, Mr Odinga revealed that he will be inaugurated in January 2018 but did not give the specific date.

    "We promise you that you can now look forward confidently to our swearing-in ceremony very early in the New Year," Odinga stated.

    In the Statement, the former Prime Minister also revealed that other regions will in January follow the coastal region by setting in motion the People’s Assembly process.

    He explained that after these regions convene their first sitting of the People's Assembly, a national convention will be conducted early in February.

    "Through the People’s Assembly process, we are breathing life into the foundation of our Constitution, namely the Supremacy of the Constitution and Sovereignty of the People.

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    "As you recall, we planned to launch the People’s Assembly process with a National Convention hosted by Mombasa County on Jamhuri Day 12th of December, during which we were going to swear in the legitimate President and Deputy President of the Republic.

    "We were implored to defer the ceremony as a confidence-building measure towards a political dialogue with Mr Uhuru Kenyatta," he stated.

    He took a swipe at the western powers stating that the foreign states have abandoned democracy and now promote stability at whatever cost. 

    "The global wind of change that propelled our second liberation has abated.

    "This should not surprise or disappoint. States are not moral beings.They pursue their interests as they perceive them," Odinga noted.

    The Opposition Chief paid tribute to National Super Alliance (NASA) supporters who died during the pre and post-election protests and asked the Almighty God to take care of their families.

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    "We remember in particular the innocent, defenseless victims of police brutality and in particular Baby Pendo, Stephanie Moraa and Geoffrey Mutinda.

    "We pray for their souls, and for their tormented families.We pray for the injured, the widowed and the orphaned," his statement read in part.

    Lastly, the former Premier wished all Kenyans a merry Christmas and a happy new year.