NTSA Suspends Marimba Investment Sacco

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has suspended Marimba Investment Company, which operates the Roysambu-Kahawa West.

Through a statement posted by the Authority on Friday, the move was taken following allegations that a former student leader was murdered by the crew of a bus belonging to the Sacco.

The transport regulator stated that the suspension would take effect immediately and any vehicle found operating would be impounded.

“Following the murder of Mr Joseph Kiarie on December 24, 2017, the Authority notifies the public that the operator’s licence of MARIMBA INVESTMENT has been suspended with immediate effect,” the notice reads.

The Authority accused the Sacco of contravening the licence by allowing, permitting and/or neglecting to prevent the assault and murder of the deceased.

NTSA stated that the suspension would only be lifted after the Operator satisfies four conditions including;

1. Satisfying that the Company fully cooperates with the police in the investigations by taking all measures to locate the driver and conductor of the vehicle involved and if possible place a public notice to have them brought to book.

2. Provides a Certificate of Good Conduct for all its drivers and conductors obtained from the date of suspension.

3. Undertakes a road safety awareness for all its drivers, conductors and officials to be conducted by NTSA.

4. A meeting be held between the Authority and all the Company's members who are the registered motor vehicle owners.

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Throughout the week, there has been an outcry over allegations that the victim was assaulted by the crew of one of the vehicles under the Company which led to his death.

The former student leader is said to have been involved in a minor accident with a Marimba minibus which led to a row over who was in the wrong.

The crew is alleged to have attacked Mr Kiarie with the help of other operators, as he tried to demand compensation and was pronounced dead on arrival at the Nema Uhai hospital.

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