Speaker Justin Muturi Reveals Biggest Threat He Faces in Parliament

  • National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi on Thursday revealed that insecurity is the single largest threat facing parliamentarians presently.

    Speaking during a three-day conference for Speakers and Presiding Officers of the Commonwealth, Speaker Muturi observed that members of parliament ought to adhere to security protocols to curb the risk.

    "The security situation has changed dramatically within the last decade giving rise to new and emerging security dimensions.

    "The wave of globalization and technological advancement has also changed the character of threats to human, national and international security," the Speaker stated.

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    Flanked by Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka, the two speakers noted that the security threat spread across into cybercrime.

    "Parliamentarians have not been spared from the dangers of the heightened security risks portend in the performance of their roles within and outside Parliament precincts," Mr Lusaka noted.

    Sentiments by the Kenyan Speakers were echoed by their counterparts across the globe who reiterated that they have been dealing with a rising number of security threats ranging from terrorism, political extremists and cyber-crime.

    Seychelles President Danny Faure opened the convention by celebrating the diversity of the nations represented and urging the heads of parliament to vouch for unity.

    "This gathering provides an important forum for the sharing of experiences, collaboration and partnership across national parliaments of all independent sovereign states of the Commonwealth," the President stated.

    The conference was instituted in 1969 to foster the sharing of experiences, collaboration, and partnership across national parliaments of the Commonwealth and will end on Friday.

    [caption caption="Speakers Justin Muturi and Kenneth Lusaka with Seychelles President Danny Faure"][/caption]