Why Joho And Hassan Omar's Lawyer Had A Bitter Fight In Court

  • There was a bitter exchange of words between lawyers representing Mombasa governor Hassan Joho and former senator Hassan Omar in Court.

    On Thursday during an election petition filed by the latter, the two lawyers went head to head in a battle that left the court baffled.

    Omar had filed an application seeking the Judge hearing the petition to recuse herself from.

    He accused the judge, Lydia Achode of open bias and double standards while handling applications.

    [caption caption="Former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar"][/caption]

    Trouble started when Joho's lawyer Mohammed Balala made an application seeking orders for the court to summon Omar for re-cross examination, a move strongly opposed by petitioner's lawyer Yusuf Abubakar.

    This rubbed Omar's lawyer the wrong way leading to name calling with Balala terming the former senator and his advocate "bullies" who wanted to intimidate the court and lawyers.

    "Omar has been hiding behind a sheet of paper and the court should call him out and tell him to physical make his allegations". Balala remarked.

    The charging lawyer further stated that Omar had been bashing the court on social media, a move aimed at intimidating the judge and Joho's lawyers.

    "It is an attack by someone who claims to have gone to school and graduated to a lawyer," Balala argued.

    He noted that Omar and his supporters had transferred the court to an outside forum more on social media.

    [caption caption="Joho consulting with one of his lawyers in Court"][/caption]

    "The petitioner is smelling defeat and he has now taken the fight to social media," he added.

    But Omar's lawyer retaliated that they had followed all due process in presenting their protests adding that it was Balala who wanted to throw them to social media and not Omar.

    However, justice Achode threw out the application terming the application as sideshows.