Bodyguard Hits Uhuru With Car Door [VIDEO]

  • A security officer assigned to President Uhuru Kenyatta accidentally hit him with the car door while trying to open it.

    The incident occurred on Thursday in South Africa where Mr Kenyatta is on a three-day official visit.

    The Head of State brushed off the incident and carried on as if nothing had happened although a section of social media users questioned the professionalism of the guards.


    They held the door on the wrong side and it bumped on Uhuru.
    Video via @KhayaJames

    — Oliver Mathenge (@OliverMathenge) January 11, 2018


    Kenyatta held bilateral talks with his host, President Jacob Zuma, and addressing the press after the talks, the two leaders expressed their desire to strengthen relations between the two countries for the benefit of their nations and peoples.

    They both confirmed holding discussions on trade and connectivity and how the two would boost industrialisation and create jobs for millions of young people.

    “Industrialisation is key to creating job opportunities for the youth and wealth for our nations and peoples,” stated Kenyatta.

    Apart from the issues of trade and infrastructure, they also deliberated on regional peace and security, especially the South Sudan conflict and the “new slave trade in Libya”.

    President Zuma announced that he would host President Kenyatta for a State visit later this year.

    “We will then conclude key issues when President Kenyatta is back later this year,” revealed Zuma.

    On the agreed visit, Kenyatta added: “We have laid the groundwork for my State visit sometime in the first quarter of this year.

    "We look forward to concluding and signing various agreements.”

    [caption caption="President Uhuru Kenyatta and President Jacob Zuma"][/caption]