Kenyans Share Hilarious Memes After Sonko-Igathe Split

  • Kenyans online were on Friday night engaged in a comical deconstruction of the split between Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and his deputy Polycarp Igathe.

    Sharing hilarious memes on Mr Igathe's resignation, many netizens were of the opinion that Governor Sonko had not received the news well.

    Have a look at some the posts that were shared.

    News that Mr Igathe had tendered his resignation came as a shock to many though netizens seemed to agree that the deputy governor had made the right decision.

    @Atanasi_ tweeted: "Polycarp Igathe made the best decision by Resigning to save his Reputation. A corporate expert and guru of his calibre deputizing Mike Sonko at the City Hall ni kama kujipaka mavi. Dear Nairobians, you made your bed by electing the unelectable to be a Governor, now lie in it."

    @Iam_abeta stated: "Polycarp Igathe had to resign. Mike Sonko kept sending him goons whenever they had a disagreement. Sonko has always been scared of being replaced by Igathe especially after the death of the Nyeri Governor."

    Other social media users called the deputy governor a traitor as they anticipated that he would now proceed to uncover City Hall's well-kept secrets.

    Here are more reactions that were shared.