US Embassy Resource Centre in Kenya Shut Down

  • The United States closed its Resource Center in the country following the lapse in US government appropriations.

    In a notice posted on Monday, the American embassy in Kenya stated that the center would remain closed until further notice.

    "In accordance with instructions from Washington, the American Resource Center at the US Embassy in Nairobi is closed until further notice. We appreciate your understanding," the notice stated.

    The center gives information to those seeking to learn more about the United States and exploring online resources free of charge.

    [caption caption="US Embassy in Nairobi"][/caption]

    It is located at the embassy's Gigiri complex and serves students, teachers, researchers, journalists, business professionals, and individuals simply interested in broadening their horizons on any topic.

    The center also offers an array of information on subjects such as democracy and governance, human rights, business, management and entrepreneurship, English teaching and learning and how to study in the United States.

    Law, legislation and justice, Health and HIV/AIDS, Media and information technology and US society and values are also among the topics offered.

    Membership to the Center is free by filling an online membership form and includes free internet, eLibraryUSA, eGranary, 4000 books, US magazines, videos, and audiobooks.

    The Center, however, does not answer questions about visas to the United States or about other consular matters.

    [caption caption="The United States Resource Center in Nairobi"][/caption]

    The US government officially shut down on Saturday, after lawmakers failed to agree to a stop-gap spending deal.