Student Dies After Beating Over Torn Uniform

  • Annah Wendy, a Form three student at Khwisero Mixed Secondary, succumbed to head and jaw injuries following an alleged beating by a teacher for wearing a torn uniform.

    According to her mother Peris Were, the family received a call on January 12 from the school that their daughter was unwell. Her husband accompanied by the school matron took her to the hospital.

    "The matron stated a teacher had caned her for wearing a torn uniform,” Ms Were noted.

    "Three days later, my daughter called and told me she was very sick. She was at Mwihila Hospital alone.

    According to the doctor's report, the student’s jaw and ears were badly injured.

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    She was discharged three days later from the hospital but declined her father's order to go to school expressing fear that her teacher would punish, she instead went to her grandmother's home.

    “However, when I went to check on her later, she agreed to go back to school. I went to look for money but before I could return, my mother called and informed me she was seriously sick.”

    "I went and found my daughter weak. She had even defecated on herself. She had vomited a yellow substance,” she stated.

    On January 30, the mother explained that as she planned to take her to the hospital, Wendy told her that her teacher ended her dreams.

    “She immediately collapsed and died in my arms," she narrated.

    The School's principal, Janet Akoth, declined to comment on the matter while another teacher who sought anonymity noted that the girl's father had been told to write a letter requesting the school to help with funeral expenses.

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    “He was told the school would only help on condition he does not sue for his daughter’s death,” the teacher stated.

    Khwisero OCPD, Lanet Sili, stated that the matter was under investigation and anyone found guilty would face the law.