Kenya's Trending Topics on February 12, 2018

  • Kenyans were on Monday engaged in heated discussions following the arrest of activist-lawyer Harun Ndubi who allegedly passed out in his car, near State House.

    The lawyer was arrested on Sunday night on claims of drunk driving, however, fellow activists rejected the police reports claiming that the lawyer had been drugged.

    Netizens attacked the lawyer claiming that he had failed as an activist while others dismissed the possibility that he could have been drugged.

    Here are some of the comments that were shared under the topic "Harun Ndubi".

    The lawyer was charged in court and denied having been drunk when he passed out. He was released from custody on a bail charge of Sh30,000.


    The South Korean county, Pyeongchang, trended on Monday as the host of the ongoing Winter Olympics games.

    Of particular interest was Kenyan Sabrina Wanjiku Simader whose skiing match was postponed to Thursday due to strong winds.

    Various government institutions posted tweets in honour of the girl who is the first Kenyan to compete in the winter games.

    State House

    The President's official residence, State House trended on Monday as Kenyans continued to discuss the alleged drunk driving incident involving lawyer Harun Ndubi.

    One of the commentators, however, brought in President Uhuru Kenyatta to the discussion as he asked him to take in 200 victims of arson form Garissa. 

    Here is the controversial tweet that was shared.

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