Mohammed Ali Reveals the 1st People he will Unmask in Parliament

  • Mohammed Ali, the Member of Parliament Nyali constituency, has revealed that he intends to reveal the names of drug traffickers in Parliament.

    Speaking during The Wicked Edition on NTV, Mohammed indicated that he will use his position as an MP to expose the drug barons whom he indicated included Mombasa politicians.

    The investigative journalist turned politician declared: "The first people I want to name are the drug barons. The people who are doing this. I know them, don't worry."

    "If I will be killed in future, that will be the reason that I will be killed,"  Mohammed noted emphasizing the commitment to a cause he admitted that he is passionate about.

    Mohammed revealed that he will take advantage of his position in Parliament to address the issues that he could not talk as a journalist due to the risk involved back then.

    "Let me say I am in a better ground... because of parliamentary privilege, I can stand and say this person killed this person," the Nyali MP elaborated.

    "Whatever that I am going to say in Parliament, ata nikitoka nje huna haki ya kunishika (no one has the right to arrest me once I am out) because there is parliamentary privilege," he added.

    The MP, who is famous for exposing corruption and controversial deaths, affirmed that he would go the extra mile in exposing the drug barons.

    "When you are a journalist, you say nduru (rumours), it is alleged, according to the source, these terms have been killing us for so many years," he noted.

    According to the MP, the Coast politicians have been killing the youth by denying them education hence rendering them unemployable.

    In his view, the resultant desperation is what drives the youth into taking drugs as a source of consolation in the face of adversity and eventually advancing from using simple drugs such as khat to getting addicted to hard drugs such as heroine.