Miguna Exposes David Ndii and Norman Magaya for Working With Jubilee

  • Lawyer Miguna Miguna has exposed NASA strategist David Ndii and Chief Executive Officer Norman Magaya, alleging they were secretly working with Jubilee.

    The self-proclaimed NRM General claimed that the two were being used by the ruling party to scuttle the opposition.

    In a note addressed to the two, Miguna stated that he had reliable information that Magaya and Ndii were trying to cripple the activities of the National Resistance Movement (NRM).

    Miguna further claimed he was informed by NASA leader Raila Odinga that Ndii was opposed to the 'swearing in'.

    [caption caption="Self-proclaimed NRM General Miguna Miguna"][/caption]

    He further alleged that Dr Ndii had threatened to lead a walkout from NASA, starting with co-principal Kalonzo Musyoka.

    The embattled lawyer alleged that Ndii and Magaya were working behind his back, indicating that the duo was 'celebrating the abuse of his rights'.

    However, Dr Ndii dismissed the allegations stating that the coalition had only agreed on how the oath would be done and not on whether the same was right or not.

    Dr Ndii stated: "It is true the coalition disagreed on the much-publicised 'swearing in' of Raila Odinga as the people’s president. We disagreed on how and not whether."

    He added: "I opposed other schemes like swearing in outside the country or in a secret ceremony like the Besigye style."

    [caption caption="NASA strategist David Ndii"][/caption]

    Ndii maintained he had insisted on broad consensus in the NASA coalition and public participation, noting that it was how the matter was handled.