How HIV Card Made Beauty Queen Stab Boyfriend 22 Times

  • Ruth Kamande, the winner of the 2016 Miss Lang'ata Prison beauty pageant, on Tuesday, told the court that she stabbed her boyfriend 22 times after discovering a HIV treatment card under their bed.

    The incident took place in 2015 and the accused stated that the deceased, Farid Mohammed, threatened to kill her to prevent her from exposing his status.

    “Farid told me that he would rather kill me and himself than have his status exposed.

    [caption caption="The Late Farid Mohammed"][/caption]

    "l stabbed him severally using a kitchen knife, which fell on my chest from his hands after I overpowered him after putting my two thumbs in his eyes to save my life,” revealed Kamande.

    She further divulged that they had a heated argument prior to the incident and accused Mohammed of trying to infect her with HIV and AIDS.

    “Your honour, it pained me to know that the person who I loved and trusted so much was to ruin my life by infecting me with HIV and AIDS,” she remarked.

    She also revealed that the deceased had insisted on having unprotected sex with her the previous day and had to be given post-exposure prophylaxis the next day to prevent HIV infection.

    Kamande added that Mohammed snatched the treatment card from her as she was trying to pack her belongings and a fight ensued, leading to his death.

    The accused further told the court that their relationship was rocky especially after she discovered her boyfriend had a love affair with two ladies whom she identified as Scholar and Esther.

    "After demanding an explanation over the two love letters I found in his bedroom he became angry, took the two letters and tore them into pieces trying to make me believe that the two letters meant nothing to him," added Kamande.

    [caption caption="Ruth Kamande with Deputy CJ Philomena Mwilu"][/caption]

    Interestingly, the accused sat for the 2017 KCSE examination at the prison and scored an impressive A-.

    She is also a trained paralegal.