What Happened Minutes Before Meru University Student was Killed by Police

  • Meru University Student Association Secretary-General, Evans Njoroge, was killed on Tuesday and shocking details have emerged over his demise.

    Eyewitnesses at Nchiru, a village near the institution, claimed that one police officer chased down Njoroge to a nearby farm and shot him in cold blood.

    “The students came running and some entered through our main gate before disappearing into the farm.

    [caption caption="Evans Njoroge"][/caption]

    “The police officer who was driving the vehicle came out and demanded to know where the students were. It is then that they spotted one of them (Njoroge) hiding under a tree.

    "He shot at him as he was trying to run away,” narrated a woman who did not want to be identified.

    Another resident stated that he could positively identify the police officer who allegedly pulled the trigger if they were paraded before him.

    “This is a very sad day. As a community, we will support the cause of the students to ensure change in the management of the University,” he was quoted by the Nation.

    Politicians and public figures are among those in the forefront calling for accountability from the police with lawyer Nelson Havi volunteering to take up the case, with the permission of Evans’ family.

    "I will, if permitted by the family of murdered Meru University Student Leader Evans Njoroge, take up the case against the policeman and State (murder and wrongful death respectively) pro bono.

    "Police impunity must end," wrote Havi on his Twitter page.

    The students have been demanding reduction of school fees by Sh8,500 and improvement of the university’s infrastructure.

    [caption caption="Students at the Scene of the Murder"][/caption]

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