Serious Crime Jimi Wanjigi Has Been Charged With in Nyeri Court

  • NASA ally and businessman Jimi Wanjigi has been charged with importing prohibited weapons in a Nyeri Court.

    Wanjigi, who was not present in court on Thursday, was represented by his counsel Kiogora Mugambi.

    Mugambi told Chief Magistrate Weddy Kegendo that Wanjigi would not appear before the Nyeri court until he knows the charges levelled against him.

    Wanjigi's legal team requested the charge sheet and sought deferment of taking the plea to a later date as they maintained they didn't know the nature of the charges.

    [caption caption="An M4 carbine rifle which was among guns recovered from Wanjigi's home"][/caption]

    Kiogora further told the court the right procedure was not followed when serving his client with the orders hence he failed to show up.

    The prosecution, however, refuted the allegations arguing that Wanjigi was aware of the charges he was facing.

    Chief Magistrate Kegendo asked Mugambi to supply the businessman with the charge sheet and appear in court on March 5 to take a plea.

    "They will be no need to serve him afresh. The summons are genuine and worth issued, signed and stamped. He should appear here on Monday," the judge stated.

    Heavily armed officers on Wednesday blocked Wanjigi's car on Kipande Road, near the Museums of Kenya, and ordered him out his car to serve him with the order.

    [caption caption="Jimi Wanjigi and his lawyer Kiogora Mugambi"][/caption]

    Wanjigi held a road-side press conference after the officers left and pointed a finger at President Uhuru Kenyatta, claiming he was behind the whole issue.

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