Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu Reveals What Will Force Him Quit Politics

  • Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu has disclosed that he will not defend his seat in 2022 if he loses the fight against illicit brew and second generation brews in his county.

    Speaking on Monday in Kabete sub-county, the county boss revealed that nothing including the court battles would stop him from completely eradicating the killer brews from his region.

    "It is now or never. We must win the fight against the killer brews and save the youth and families from ruining their lives," asserted the outspoken Governor.

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    Waititu added that President Uhuru Kenyatta is in full support of his efforts to eliminate the illicit brews. 

    He also exclaimed that: "People look at me and conclude that am not civilised or educated but I capitalise on the same to win my battles."

    Last week, Waititu ordered that all bars be closed following his signing into law of Kiambu County Alcoholic Drinks Control Bill 2017.

    The law seeks to regulate manufacture, sale, and consumption of alcohol.

    According to him, all bars in the county did not have licences as far as the new law was concerned. 

    However, his order did not go down well with the traders who accused him of using the new law to frustrate legitimate businesses to achieve selfish ends.

    Governor Waititu recently appointed John Mututho as an advisor to assist the administration with the implementation of the Alcohol Drinks Control Act 2018.

    Speaking to, Muthutho affirmed the appointment stating: "Yes, I will be working with the county government for two months. It is now official, though they came to me even when they were developing the Bill. I'm among the very few people in Kenya who could have been consulted for this." 

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